Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship

"From swimsuits to business suits, shopping for the perfect outfit can take hours of Pinterest scrolling, website scouring and trips to multiple stores. Shop Swayy (Swayy for short) helps women find the perfect outfit effortlessly, delivering bold looks that inspire confidence and compliments."

Red Bull Launch Institute 2018

"Red Bull Launch Institute is bringing 3 teams of collegiate entrepreneurs to the RBLI Innovation Summit and TechCrunch Disrupt SF for the opportunity to develop and showcase their business with innovation experts, high-performance coaches, investors, and more.

The Fourcast

"'A lot of girls at UT were spending a lot of time trying to find clothing, since at UT there are themed parties every weekend,' co-founder Rajya Atluri said. 'You would have too many tabs and websites open and could spend hours of your time looking for the right pieces.'"

West Austin News

"'We carry theme clothing from across the internet,' Clio said, 'because every weekend college campuses have themed parties. Rajya and I do a lot of the selection ourselves, but we always have input from other college.'"

The Odyssey

"Given all the themed parties at each college, girls often find themselves wasting hours trying to find the perfect outfit on their favorite website. With all the themed parties, girls often find themselves facing one question: where are we supposed to buy all these clothes? Two sophomores at the University of Texas found a solution."